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Lac It enVogue Gel Training & Kit

Lac It enVogue Gel Training & Kit

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Lac it! Gel Training course including Kit.

1 Day Gel Training $300
Suitable for beginner or as a refresher course.
**Please enquire with your local Educator for training dates. Please also add note as to which Educator you have booked with and date of course**

Kit cost $500 (saving $100)
Kit includes:
Evolution Lamp
White Lac it Gel Colour or White Art Gel & Brush*
Black Lac it Gel Colour
2 x Lac it Gel Colours 
Base Coat
No Wipe Top Coat
Matte Top Coat
ISO - Prep
240 Grit File
Nail Wipes
Cuticle Pusher
30ml Cuticle Oil

*Art Gel & Brush - perfect for French (incurs an extra $20 fee on top of kit cost).
***Kit will be delivered to your educator for date of training if you are not previously qualified.***

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